WebHarvy is an easy-to-use visual Web Scraper. Using WebHarvy you can easily scrape structured data from multiple pages of websites. WebHarvy is very easy to configure, you can select the data required to be extracted with mouse clicks. There is no need to write complex scripts or code to use this software, nor there is need to know the internals of HTML, Javascript or other web technologies.

WebHarvy intelligently identifies patterns of data occurring in web pages. The captured data can be saved to a local file in your PC (CSV, XML, TSV file formats are currently supported) or to an SQL database (MS SQL or MySQL).

The software also provides the options to scrape similarly formatted sections (subsections, categories) within websites using a single configuration, and also to scrape data by performing searches using different keywords.

Know More : http://www.webharvy.com/

Watch the Demo : http://www.webharvy.com/demo.html
Download Trial : http://www.webharvy.com/download.html
Buy Now : http://www.webharvy.com/buy.html

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