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USBTrace Relase Update : version 2.4.0

The latest version of USBTrace, v2.4.0.65, is available for download. The new features in this version are : Any request in the captured request list can be set as ‘time 0’ request. Minor UI improvements. Hex edit control now displays … Continue reading

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New Features : Comments and Bookmarks

Now you can add comments and bookmarks to captured requests. Comments and bookmarks help to document the captured data. When you open the capture log file later or when you share the file with another developer, the comments and bookmarks … Continue reading

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USBTrace Release Update : version 2.2.8

Version 2.2.8 of USBTrace, the USB Protocol Analyzer for Windows, is available for download at http://www.sysnucleus.com/usbtrace_download.html. The new additions are : Added the following to the list of supported user mode USB IOCTLs IOCTL_USB_USER_REQUST USBUSER_GET_CONTROLLER_INFO_0 USBUSER_GET_CONTROLLER_DRIVER_KEY USBUSER_PASS_THRU USBUSER_GET_POWER_STATE_MAP USBUSER_GET_BANDWIDTH_INFORMATON USBUSER_GET_BUS_STATISTICS_0 … Continue reading

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USBTrace New Feature : Endpoint based filtering

USBTrace’s filter feature allows you to hide those USB requests in which you are not interested while capturing device traffic. We have enhanced the filter feature in the latest released version of USBTrace, the USB analyzer software for windows. USBTrace’s … Continue reading

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New Features

V2.1.1 of USBTrace which is now available for download has the following 2 new features added: You can now adjust the size of USBTrace’s internal capture buffer. This helps you to increase/decrease the maximum amount of data which can be … Continue reading

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