Social Media Law

Recently, one of the main agenda topics of our country and the internet is the Press Law, also known as the social media law, and the Law Proposal on Amending Some Laws. The bill, which has caused lively hours in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in recent days, has been passed and enacted in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.


Making one of the first statements on the subject, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan said, “We regret to see that on social media platforms related to this law; hate speech, disinformation, manipulation, insults and false content are growing like an avalanche.” said. produtosoficiaistop

Up to 3 years in prison for fake news, new control over social media
One of the most striking points of the new regulation is that those who spread fake news are sentenced to imprisonment from 1 to 3 years. In order for this crime to occur, the following 5 conditions will be sought; Unisma 2024

– If the news spread is not true

  • If it concerns the security of the country and public health

– If there is an intention to create fear, panic and anxiety among the public

  • If it is intended to disturb the public peace cnsolution

– If it is public (that is, if it can reach people who are not related)

The new regulations that entered our lives with the adoption of the bill are as follows;

– Employees of internet news sites will now be considered members of the press, and thus will be able to benefit from the rights given to journalists.

– All news sites are obliged to hide the content they publish.

– The removal decision for a content has become valid on all websites and platforms.

– Within the framework of certain rules, official announcements and advertisements were allowed to be published on news sites.

– News sites will not be able to operate without a tag, the rules applied to newspapers will apply.

– In the content of catalog crimes, the distinction between domestic and abroad in terms of hosting providers has been removed and the scope of combating crime has been expanded.

– Social media platforms will carry out representation activities through a resident Turkish citizen or a legal entity that has a branch in Turkey in order to strengthen the interlocutor relationship.

– Social media platforms will regularly send reports to BTK.

– Users have the opportunity to limit the use of personal data.

Social media platforms will take measures to prevent children from encountering dangerous and harmful content while using the platform.

– Social media platforms, regarding their advertisements; it will publish information such as content, advertiser, ad duration, target audience, number of people or groups reached on its own site through the ad library it will create.