Nvidia leaves Russia

Russia, which started military operations against Ukraine in February and faced sanctions from Western technology companies, lost an important partner in technology. According to the news in Reuters, Nvidia stopped all its activities in Russia and directed its employees to different offices.

Nvidia leaves Russia: Yandex, Sberbank stuck in the middle
Nvidia, which started to review its activities in Russia earlier this year, finally announced that it is exiting Russia. He stated that the offices in the country will be closed due to the “inability of the employees to work efficiently”. Various opportunities will be provided to Nvidia employees who want to move to other countries.

Speaking to Reuters about the activities in Russia, the hardware giant said, “After previously suspending shipments to the country, we continued to keep our office open to support our employees and their families. With the latest developments, we are no longer able to operate effectively.”

Nvidia first stopped its official sales in Russia on March 4. It also suspended its agreements with the companies it cooperates with in the country. This decision has put Russian companies such as Yandex, Sberbank and MTS into difficulties, especially using graphics processor models such as A100 and DGX-2.

The hardware giant has stopped renewing and selling cloud gaming software licenses to Russian companies. MTS, which carries out supercomputer studies thanks to the hardware it bought from Nvidia, stated that it has started working to find a new partner for itself. Previously, Yandex had transferred two of its services to another company for a similar reason.

In addition, as a result of a decision taken in the US Senate, it became difficult for Nvidia to sell to China. This seems to thwart Russia’s plans, which will try to buy Nvidia products through China.