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WebHarvy (Minor Update)

From this release on wards WebHarvy targets (depends on) .NET 4.5 which comes pre-installed on latest Windows editions. This results in smoother installation process, doing away with .NET 3.5 download and install which was previously required. Targeting .NET 4.5 also … Continue reading

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WebHarvy – Multi-level Category / Multi-list Keyword scraping

We have introduced support for scraping multiple level categories (main categories, sub categories tree) and support for multiple input keyword lists in this release. The main features are:- True multi-level Category Scraping WebHarvy now supports automatically navigating category/subcategory lists of … Continue reading

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Twitter Client which groups Tweets by author/sender

We have released a new update of our unique Twitter client which is designed to keep your Twitter timeline organized  by grouping tweets by the same author over a period of time in a single card. Branches for Twitter – … Continue reading

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WebHarvy crashes after installing the latest Windows update for Adobe Flash

Microsoft released a new security update for Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer (IE) a few days back (Dec 29, 2015). This update has caused many software (including Skype – see Skype Crash) to crash. See for a list of other … Continue reading

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WebHarvy : 2 new methods of handling pagination

The latest version of WebHarvy Web Scraper supports 2 new types of pagination styles for scraping data from multiple pages of websites. Pages where pagination links are shown in sets In these types of pages the pagination links are provided in sets. … Continue reading

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WebHarvy version 3.4 released !

We’ve just released a new WebHarvy update. The following are the changes in this version. Major: Support for pagination where a link/button has to be clicked to load the next set of pages. More Info URL based pagination – automatically increment … Continue reading

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USBDeviceShare 3.0 released

We have released a major update of USBDeviceShare – the USB over Network software for Windows. USBDeviceShare allows you to share USB devices and access them remotely over network (LAN) or internet. The major changes in this version are : … Continue reading

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Run USBDeviceShare as Service

This article explains how USBDeviceShare Server and Client applications can be run as service, so that they can operate automatically, sharing and remotely accessing devices on system start up, without requiring a user to log in to windows to start … Continue reading

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Web Scraping from Cloud – WebHarvy on Amazon EC2

WebHarvy requires Windows operating system to run. So in case you do not have access to a Windows PC or if you do not want to run WebHarvy on your local PC, you have the option to run WebHarvy from … Continue reading

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USBTrace – Device Class Decoders Updated

Class decoder DLLs are now bundled along with USBTrace installation. So there is no need to download and install them separately as with previous versions. The following are the changes in the latest version (3.0) of USBTrace USB Protocol Analyzer. … Continue reading

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