Best cheap laptops

With the increase in the dollar rate, there was a great increase in the prices of laptops, as in many imported products. In fact, the popular models of many brands exceeded the 10 thousand TL threshold. But there are still quality devices that you can buy without crossing this limit. Here are the best laptops under 10 thousand TL for students and white-collar workers…

The best laptops under 10 thousand TL!
The laptops we use while preparing our list will be very good alternatives not only for students but also for white-collar office workers. Because, thanks to the performance provided by these devices, you can use it for all your work if you do not plan to do things that require high-level graphics and processing power.

Huawei MateBook D15
Display: 15.6 inch FHD IPS LCD
Processor: Intel Core i3 10110U
Video card: Intel UHD Graphics (Internal)
Memory: 256GB M2 SSD
Operating system: Windows 10 (free upgrade to Windows 11)
Weight: 1.62 kg

Lenovo V14 (G2) AMD / Intel
Screen: 14 inch FHD TN
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5500U/ Intel Core i5 1135G7
Graphics card: Internal
Memory: 256GB/512GB SSD
Operating system: Windows 10 (free upgrade to Windows 11)
Weight: 1.6kg

Dell Inspiron 3511
Screen: 15.6 inch FHD WVA
Processor: Intel Core i3 1115G4
Video card: Intel UHD Graphics (Internal)
Memory: 256GB SSD
Operating system: Ubuntu
Weight: 1.73

HP 15S-EQ3014NT
Screen: 15.6 inch FHD
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5625U
Video card: AMD Radeon R5 (Internal)
Memory: 256GB SSD
Operating system: Freedos
Weight: 1.74 kg

Honor Magicbook X14
Screen: 14 inches
Processor: Intel Core i3-10110U
Video card: Intel UHD Graphics (Internal)
Memory: 256GB SSD
Operating system: Windows 10 (free upgrade to Windows 11)
Weight: 1.38 kg


Solar power

The sun has been experiencing quite active days lately. Explosions occur frequently in the sun, which is in a rather unstable phase. The last example of the explosions, which is also closely related to the Earth, has been recorded by NASA. It is stated that the explosion on the Sun is one of the largest explosions in recent times.

Massive X1-class explosion on the Sun
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recently managed to image the massive burst of radiation. The eruption that took place in the past days was described as an X1 class Solar event. NASA refers to this class as the largest solar flares. It is possible to see the explosion on the upper right side of the Sun in the image shared by NASA.

NASA categorizes solar flares. Class A denotes the weakest events, while X denotes the largest eruptions. Each class is also separated by numbers within itself. The larger the numbers, the greater the intensity of the explosion. To give an example, experts observed an unbelievable X28 class solar event in 2003.

The latest eruption is a reflection of the Sun’s lately unstable nature. Another explosion of the X2.2 class was observed on the Sun in April. These events on the sun; It is stated that it can affect radio communications, electrical networks, navigation signals. It is also stated that it may pose a risk to spacecraft and astronauts.

The sun goes through a cycle of decreasing and increasing activity every 11 years. The Sun is expected to gradually increase its unstable nature by 2025. We can say that the Sun, which will reach its peak in 2025, will host larger events in the future.

We may see much larger activities in the coming period in the Sun, whose activity will gradually increase until 2025. So what do you think about the explosions on the Sun? You can share your views with us in the comments section.


US Celebrities

Social media celebrity and model Kim Kardashian has been sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Kardashian, who did not publicly state that she was promoting a cryptocurrency on her Instagram account, allegedly “illegally explained the security of cryptocurrencies”.

Cryptocurrency ad cost Kim Kardashian dearly
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that Kim Kardashian’s cryptocurrency advertisement on Instagram was not clearly stated. The famous model, who received a payment of $ 250 thousand for sharing about EthereumMax’s EMAX token, will have to pay a fine of $ 1.26 million.

This deal, signed by the SEC and Kardashian, includes the Instagram ad’s budget, interest, as well as a $1 million penalty. Making a statement on the subject, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said that celebrities with high followers should be more careful when talking about cryptocurrencies.

Speaking about the sentence, the famous model said, “Kardashian is pleased to resolve this issue as she has been collaborating with the SEC from the very beginning. His deal with the SEC allows him to do that so he can move forward in many different job searches,” she explained.

Famous names with millions of followers on social media platforms should think twice when advertising “high-risk” cryptocurrencies. For example, Kim Kardashian could not escape the penalty even though she was paid $250,000 for her EMAX token advertisement.

Cryptocurrencies continue to decline. On Monday, August 29, the global cryptocurrency market dropped below $1 trillion. The market, which reached $ 2 trillion in April, has lost almost half.



In our country, as a result of the rapid depreciation of the Turkish Lira for the last 4-5 years and the increase in inflation, there have been huge hikes in all electronic products, especially in automobile prices. So how long do US, European and Turkish citizens working with minimum wage have to work to buy a car?

How long does it take to buy a car with minimum wage?
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, problems arise one after another all over the world. As a result of these, there is the problem of high inflation, which directly affects the purchasing power of people and is most felt in our country.

Of course, due to the depreciation of the Turkish Lira against other currencies and the high tax on technological products, the prices of automobiles, computers, televisions and mobile phones have increased more than 10 times compared to a few years ago.

Emre Özpeynirci, on the other hand, published a compilation comparing Turkey with the USA and European countries. He shared the cheapest car models that citizens working with minimum wage in the countries mentioned here can buy in their domestic markets and how much work they can buy.

We see that the cheapest passenger car sold in Turkey as of October 3, 2022 is the Hyundai i10. The current price varies between 331 thousand 500 TL and 402 thousand 500 TL depending on the selected package. Based on the most suitable one, we can say that a citizen working with minimum wage needs to work for 60 months to buy a car.

When we look at the USA, we see that Chevrolet’s Spark model is sold for between 17,500 and 18 thousand dollars. The minimum wage varies by state, but ranges from $1200 to $2400. Accordingly, it is possible to buy the specified car with 8 to 15 months of work.

Again, according to Özpeynirci, French citizens can buy Dacia Sandero, the cheapest car model, with a minimum wage of 8 months, while the British can buy Dacia Spring with 6 months of work. Of course, let’s also mention that while the rate of working with minimum wage is close to 50 percent in our country, the European average is below 10 percent.


Nvidia leaves Russia

Russia, which started military operations against Ukraine in February and faced sanctions from Western technology companies, lost an important partner in technology. According to the news in Reuters, Nvidia stopped all its activities in Russia and directed its employees to different offices.

Nvidia leaves Russia: Yandex, Sberbank stuck in the middle
Nvidia, which started to review its activities in Russia earlier this year, finally announced that it is exiting Russia. He stated that the offices in the country will be closed due to the “inability of the employees to work efficiently”. Various opportunities will be provided to Nvidia employees who want to move to other countries.

Speaking to Reuters about the activities in Russia, the hardware giant said, “After previously suspending shipments to the country, we continued to keep our office open to support our employees and their families. With the latest developments, we are no longer able to operate effectively.”

Nvidia first stopped its official sales in Russia on March 4. It also suspended its agreements with the companies it cooperates with in the country. This decision has put Russian companies such as Yandex, Sberbank and MTS into difficulties, especially using graphics processor models such as A100 and DGX-2.

The hardware giant has stopped renewing and selling cloud gaming software licenses to Russian companies. MTS, which carries out supercomputer studies thanks to the hardware it bought from Nvidia, stated that it has started working to find a new partner for itself. Previously, Yandex had transferred two of its services to another company for a similar reason.

In addition, as a result of a decision taken in the US Senate, it became difficult for Nvidia to sell to China. This seems to thwart Russia’s plans, which will try to buy Nvidia products through China.


Dynamic Island

With the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Apple switched to Dynamic Island technology instead of the notch. Alan Dye, Apple’s VP of UI Design, made a statement about the Dynamic Island user interface.

The notched screen design first appeared on the iPhone X model in 2017. The notch, which has been criticized by users for a long time, finally left its place to a different design.

Alan Dye: “Dynamic Island is the result of years of debate.”
Many sensors, especially the front camera and Face ID sensor, are gathered in a small area on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. With the newly introduced technology, Apple announced that the Dynamic Island feature will work in harmony with applications.

Dye stated that the company has been working on reducing the size of the notch for years and is investigating how to best leverage this change. Underlining that they want to meet the users with an elegant design, Dye said that the new interface makes the users happy.

Software engineer Craig Federighi said, “Apple has spent a long time researching how to get a better UI without the physical Home button. Dynamic Island technology is the biggest change to the iOS operating system since the iPhone X model.” made statements.

This new feature also changed the look of the iPhone. With it, the control of apps running in the background has become even easier.