About SysNucleus

We are the developers of USBTrace (Software-only USB protocol analyzer), USBDeviceShare (USB over Network software) and WebHarvy (Web Scraper).

At SysNucleus, we concentrate on developing device driver/system utilities and development tools. SysNucleus’s vision is to develop and innovate system tools, software and solutions which will make the lives of developers and users easy.

USBTrace, our premiere product, is one of the best selling USB Protocol Analyzer software available in the market today. USBTrace is easy to use yet powerful in features. To know more about USBTrace, please visit our website www.sysnucleus.com.

USBDeviceShare, our USB over Ethernet software, can be used to remotely access USB devices over local area network or internet.

WebHarvy is an easy to use, intelligent, visual web scraper software developed by us. WebHarvy helps users to scrape data from websites using a point and click interface. To know more visit www.webharvy.com.