Run USBDeviceShare as Service

This article explains how USBDeviceShare Server and Client applications can be run as service, so that they can operate automatically, sharing and remotely accessing devices on system start up, without requiring a user to log in to windows to start them.

Please note that USBDeviceShare Server and Client applications do not have this functionality built in, so an external tool provided by Microsoft is used to achieve this – Here is how :

1. Download Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools from

2. Extract the contents of the downloaded file to a suitable folder on your PC.

3. Open command prompt (in administrative mode) and change directory to the above folder.

4. Run the following command

instsrv UShareSrv <full path to srvany.exe>

Both instsrv.exe and srvany.exe are tools available in Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools. UShareSrv is the name given to the service which we are creating. The last parameter is the full path of the the application srvany.exe. For example :

instsrv UShareSrv “c:\downloads\Windows 2003 Kit Tools\srvany.exe”

The above command will create a service named UShareSrv which runs the executable srvany.exe.

5. Open RegEdit (Windows Registry Editor) and find the following key


6. Create a key named ‘Parameters‘ under the above key

7. Within the newly created “Parameters” key , create a string (REG_SZ) value called “Application” and enter the full path to the application which you require to run as a service, no quotes required for full application path. (ex: c:\program files\usbdeviceshare-server\usbdeviceshare-server.exe).

8. Open ‘Local Service Manager’ (View Local Services), locate the service (UShareSrv) which we created. Right click > select ‘Properties‘. Open ‘Log On‘ tab. Select ‘This account‘ option and set the account name / password under which you are planning to run USBDeviceShare (ideally the currently logged in account). Save changes and close.

9. Run the application (USBDeviceShare-Server in this case) from the account selected in above step and create the initial settings – for example set the devices to be automatically shared on start up.

10. Restart windows. Server should start with the options set in above step even before user is logged in – as a service.

The same steps can be applied to run Client as a service. Please try and contact our support in case you need any technical assistance or have any questions.

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