Web Scraping from Cloud – WebHarvy on Amazon EC2

WebHarvy requires Windows operating system to run. So in case you do not have access to a Windows PC or if you do not want to run WebHarvy on your local PC, you have the option to run WebHarvy from Cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) platform makes this possible. See the following link.


Amazon EC2 lets you run a remote Windows instance in Cloud. You can access this cloud based Windows instance via Remote Desktop


Charges for EC2 are minimal and more importantly there is a free tier available for 12 months with the following details.


Watch the following video which shows how to launch a Windows instance in Amazon EC2.

You may also watch the following tutorial which explains the same.

Detailed AWS EC2 documentation for managing Windows instances may be viewed at the following link.


Once you connect to the Windows instance via Remote Desktop, you can download and install WebHarvy in it. You will have to make sure that .Net 3.5 is installed in the Windows instance so that WebHarvy can run properly. Please contact us in case you need any assistance.

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