To all customers of UniBlue’s software who have incorrectly installed our drivers

This post is for all customers of UniBlue’s driver update software who have incorrectly installed our software’s drivers.

First off, kindly be informed that the drivers which are incorrectly installed in your systems (which has rendered most of your USB devices unusable) is a software component which is exclusively used by our software – USBDeviceShare (

We own this driver and have NOT authorised any third party company (including UniBlue) to redistribute our drivers. Our drivers are meant to be used along with and only with our software. They are meant to be installed only along with the installation of our software.The problem which you are currently facing is due to UniBlue’s software. We have contacted them regarding this, and have also requested them to remove our drivers from their updates. We are yet to receive a reply from them.

Update (Feb 20, 2013) : Uniblue Technical Support has informed us that they will investigate this issue and take immediate action

Since our drivers are involved and since many of UniBlue’s customers are contacting us regarding a solution to this problem, we are listing below the steps to be followed to remove our drivers from your system. For more assistance we request you to contact UniBlue itself. We have our own customers to support and it is beyond us to attend to each of you, mainly because the problem was initiated by UniBlue.

The solution is to remove the USBDeviceShare’s driver completely from your system. For this you may need to plug in a non-USB mouse/keyboard to your system, if the current ones are not working. Please follow the steps below :

1. Go to c:\windows\inf directory
2. Search for all files (*.*) containing the text ‘udsstub.sys’
3. Delete all files displayed in the search result
4. Delete the file ‘udsstub.sys’ from c:\windows\system32\drivers folder

5. Open RegEdit (Run ‘regedit’) – in administrator mode
6. Delete the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\udsstub (including subkeys)
7. Restart your system and see if the problem is solved.

You may also try to update the device driver directly :-

1. Open device manager
2. Locate the node corresponding to non working devices
3. Right click and update driver
4. Select ‘Browse for driver on my computer’ and later ‘Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer’ options
5. Select the correct driver from the list displayed

We hope that the above instructions will help you remove our drivers, but if it does not please contact UniBlue support. If they do not remove our drivers there is a chance that the same issue can happen again in the future.

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