WebHarvy V1.4.0.20 Released

The latest update of WebHarvy (version has gone live and is available for download at www.webharvy.com/download.html.

Changes :

  • [New Feature] Keyword based Scraping : Allows you to run the same configuration for a set of input keywords (Read more : http://www.webharvy.com/tour71.html)
  • Edit Configuration : Allows you to edit an already saved WebHarvy configuration XML file (Read more : http://www.webharvy.com/tour41.html)
  • Option to contact us (WebHarvy Support) directly from the application (See Help menu)
  • Option to check for new updates directly from the application (See Help menu)
  • Miner performance improvement : Web mining performance while following links from the main page has been improved
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • Miner window remembers its last position/size/state
    • Issue with Auto Scroll fixed
    • Issue with loading ‘Next Page’ and ‘Following Links’ in certain scenarios while mining has been fixed
    • Issue which resulted in application crash while parsing HTML of certain websites has been fixed
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