USBTrace now supports USB 3.0 (Super Speed USB)

We have released a new version of USBTrace which supports USB 3.0, also known as Super Speed USB. Now you can capture and analyze your USB 3.0 controllers, hubs and devices using USBTrace. Both USB 3.0 standard descriptors and device requests are decoded and displayed by USBTrace.

  • Decodes the following USB 3.0 standard descriptors
    • Binary Device Object Store (BOS) descriptor
    • Super Speed Endpoint Companion descriptor
    • Super Speed USB Device Capability descriptor
      • USB 2.0 Extension
      • Super Speed USB device capability
      • Container ID
  • Decodes the following USB 3.0 standard device requests
    • SET_SEL

You can download the free evaluation version of USBTrace, the USB Analyzer for Windows, from

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