USBDeviceShare Release Update : V1.2 Released

We have released a new (major) update for USBDeviceShare, our USB over Network software for Windows. USBDeviceShare allows you to share and access USB devices remotely over network (USB over IP / ethernet).

The new features in this major update are :

  • Server
    • Automatic sharing of devices
    • Automatic sharing of newly plugged-in devices
    • Device properties window
    • Deny sharing of specified devices
    • IP Filter to deny/allow specified clients to connect with the server
    • No need to install device driver for devices at server
    • Auto start server with Windows startup
  • Client
    • Automatic connection to unavailable devices when they become available
  • General
    • Polling between server and client to monitor connection loss
    • Fixed issue of udsstub driver getting loaded for all driver-less devices in the system

To know more about these new features please refer the online help manual at .

You can download a free evaluation version of our ‘USB over Network‘ software from .

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