USBTrace Relase Update : version 2.4.0

The latest version of USBTrace, v2.4.0.65, is available for download. The new features in this version are :

  1. Any request in the captured request list can be set as ‘time 0’ request.
  2. Minor UI improvements. Hex edit control now displays offset of the data present under the mouse pointer.

Ability to set any selected request as ‘time 0’ request helps to analyze the timing of transactions in reference to a selected transaction. The time stamp of the selected request is made zero and those of others are marked relative to this request.

USBTrace Log View Context Menu

USBTrace Log View Context Menu

In order to set a request as ‘Time 0’ request, right click on its row in Log View and select  ‘Set as ‘time 0′ request’ from the menu.

Minor UI improvements includes modified hex edit control,  reduced size of info view text etc

You can download the evaluation version of USBTrace, the USB protocol analyzer software for Windows from

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