Wireless USB ‘Host Wire Adapter’ Class Decoder Released

Wireless USB (WUSB) is the future for short-range high bandwidth media (data) transfers. Some of the very first wireless USB enabled devices have started to appear in the market recently. Existing systems (laptops, desktops) can be made ‘WUSB Compatible’ using USB 2.0 devices known as Host Wire Adapters (HWA). The WUSB Host Wire Adapter is a subclass of the Wireless Controllers USB device class (Class Code: 0xE0).

We have released a new class decoder plug-in for USBTrace for analyzing USB devices which belong to the Host Wire Adapter device class. USBTrace, our USB monitoring software for windows, can now capture, decode and display WUSB HWA class specific requests.

WUSB HWA Class specific requests, Notification Information & Transfer Requests are captured and decoded by USBTrace with the help of this decoder. To know more, please visit http://www.sysnucleus.com/usbtrace_cd_wusb.html

If your job involves writing device drivers / firmware for USB devices or compliance testing of USB devices, you might want to try our USB analyzing software solution. You can download a 15-days free evaluation version from http://www.sysnucleus.com/usbtrace_download.html.

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