New Feature : Performance Statistics

Performance statistics module has been added to the latest released version of USBTrace (v2.1.0 Build 39).

The performance statistics window displays valuable performance related information related to your device/driver. This feature extracts the performance details from the captured data. You can view the performance details for the last made capture as well as for previously saved captured data using this feature.

The Performance Statistics window displays the following information regarding Control, Bulk, Interrupt & Isochronous transfers:

  • Amount of data written to / read from the device
  • Number of passed / failed USB requests
  • Average read / write data transfer rates
  • Maximum read / write data transfer rate

In addition to this,  the read/write data transfer rate graph (xfer rate v/s packet count) is also displayed.

We recommend you to download and try the latest version of USBTrace, the software only USB protocol analyzer for Microsoft Windows; to learn more about the features.

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