USBTrace : Feature highlight

The following are some of the small but useful features which you can find in USBTrace.

The raw data which is displayed in the buffer view, for a corresponding logged request, can be exported to a binary file. Right click the buffer view area, and click export.

Export Buffer View

You can send your feedbacks/comments/bug reports/feature requests directly from USBTrace. Click the Help menu and click “Send Error Report to SysNucleus”.

To automatically align the log view columns (captured USB data list), right click on the log view, and click “Resize columns to fit”.

To export any USB  device or driver information, right click the corresponding device/driver tree item and click “Export device information”.

To enable/disable informational tooltips for logged USB requests, click log menu and click “Show Tooltips”.

To see all these features and more we recommend you to please download and evaluate USBTrace, the software only USB monitoring solution for windows. USBTrace can be used to debug/analyze USB bus with ease and without using any special hardware.

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