USBTrace as Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer !

USB is the most successful wired PC connectivity standard of all time. Likewise, Bluetooth has now become one of the most popular short range wireless connectivity standards between mobile devices. Like the USB specification, the Bluetooth Specification also supports various classes of devices like audio, video, HID, personal area networking etc.

USB devices which belongs to the Wireless Controllers/Bluetooth class can be monitored using the Bluetooth class decoder (Plug-in dll). The decoder will capture, decode and display HCI (Host Controller Interface) Bluetooth packets. HCI Commands, HCI Events and data are captured.

The type of HCI Packets captured are:

  • HCI Commands
    • Link Control Commands
    • Link Policy Commands
    • Host Controller & Baseband Commands
    • Informational Parameters
    • Status Parameters
    • Testing Commands
  • HCI Events
  • ACL Data
  • SCO Data

You can download and evaluate USBTrace for FREE, for a period of 30 days. Get USBTrace setup and bluetooth decoder from

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