At your service..

Your relationship with us starts when you download and install USBTrace. From that moment onwards, we are enthusiastically waiting to hear from you. Even if you are not a registered user, your feedback is very valuable for us. It is because we are always looking for ways to improve our product. And that is hard without your participation.

As a registered customer, you will always get special attention from us. We love hearing your feedback and feature requests. We can even do special builds which helps you improve your development efficiency.

Customer Testimonial :

“Thank you very much for the special build, it’s an enormous help!
And what great support, far more than one is used to expecting from many other developers. Thank you again.”

Senior Software Engineer
Datapaq Limited

So, if you have any suggestions which you think might make USBTrace better, please shoot us a mail and share it with us. If you are a registered user & need some custom features implemented in USBTrace, please do share it with us.

You can submit your feedback @
or contact us @

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