The USBTrace advantage

Question: How is USBTrace different from other software based analyzers available in the market today ?

Answer: USBTrace is a very stable and powerful analyzer which does not use any filter drivers, which can capture USB activity at host controllers, hubs and devices & comes to you at an affordable price.

Not using filter drivers

USBTrace captures USB requests without using a filter driver. The technology used allows USBTrace to capture the entire device enumeration traffic.

Request decoding

USBTrace decodes and displays a wealth of information for developers:

  • All URB (USB Request Buffer) packets.
  • All user mode and kernel mode USB IOCTLs.
  • All Power and PnP IRPs sent/received by the USB device driver.
  • Current IO_STACK_LOCATION corresponding to IRPs.

Request Exporting

Captured data can be exported as:

  • UTLOG file : Native USBTrace log file.
  • HTML file : An easily readable and navigable HTML file.
  • XML file : An XML file which can be parsed using your custom applications.
  • TEXT file : An easily readable text file.

Ability to capture activity at all layers

USBTrace can capture USB packets at:

  • USB host controllers
  • USB hubs
  • USB devices

USBTrace can also capture any selected Device Object in the USB device stack, or any selected Driver in the USB driver stack.

USBTrace has also got the capability to capture more than one device in a single capture session.

Background capturing

Background capturing facilitates high performance capture sessions. The GUI is not updated while capturing. The logged transactions are displayed only when capture operation is stopped. This is useful while debugging/monitoring sessions where a lot of data transfer happens between the host and the device.

Continuous capturing

Continuous capturing simulates an infinite internal capture buffer. This allows you to run a capture session for an infinite duration of time.


Trigger allows you to set breakpoints in the capture session. Capturing will stop when the specified trigger conditions are met. Trigger is best combined with Continuous capturing while searching the device activity for any specific request condition.

See USBTrace in action : Download our software-only USB Monitor.

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