Solar power

The sun has been experiencing quite active days lately. Explosions occur frequently in the sun, which is in a rather unstable phase. The last example of the explosions, which is also closely related to the Earth, has been recorded by NASA. It is stated that the explosion on the Sun is one of the largest explosions in recent times.

Massive X1-class explosion on the Sun
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recently managed to image the massive burst of radiation. The eruption that took place in the past days was described as an X1 class Solar event. NASA refers to this class as the largest solar flares. It is possible to see the explosion on the upper right side of the Sun in the image shared by NASA.

NASA categorizes solar flares. Class A denotes the weakest events, while X denotes the largest eruptions. Each class is also separated by numbers within itself. The larger the numbers, the greater the intensity of the explosion. To give an example, experts observed an unbelievable X28 class solar event in 2003.

The latest eruption is a reflection of the Sun’s lately unstable nature. Another explosion of the X2.2 class was observed on the Sun in April. These events on the sun; It is stated that it can affect radio communications, electrical networks, navigation signals. It is also stated that it may pose a risk to spacecraft and astronauts.

The sun goes through a cycle of decreasing and increasing activity every 11 years. The Sun is expected to gradually increase its unstable nature by 2025. We can say that the Sun, which will reach its peak in 2025, will host larger events in the future.

We may see much larger activities in the coming period in the Sun, whose activity will gradually increase until 2025. So what do you think about the explosions on the Sun? You can share your views with us in the comments section.